5- “I want to know you” activities for Spanish Learners

Diverse Group of Teenagers - IsolatedGetting students on board from the very  first day

“I want to know you” activities

If you start your first class of the year with diving into the content and work; you’ll lose them on the first day. This was the first line of an article I read last year about engaging teens. It was my first full year teaching high school. Prior to that I was teaching at an International Baccalaureate school for 10 years. Most of the students and families there knew me so the first day was always pan comido.  

*See About Me activity for older students at the foot of the page.

When I was first hired, it was in the middle of the year. I did not know the students and it was an uphill battle that I begin to win towards the end of the school year. The students were great, I just did not know them. I decided to dedicate the whole first unit of this year to discussing and exploring their identity. My objectives for the unit at large are: 

  • For me to get to know my students 
  • For students to get to know each other (I teach across grade levels)
  • Capitalize up on a topic that has gotten tons of traction in the past few years: Identity 

 This unit starts with them, their identity and then slowly builds out on complex issues that surround the topic. You can peruse each sub section for ideas, resources and activities to get students talking, learning and using the language.  Here is my first day teaching Spanish 4 class (I started next week!).

Side note: We have 90 minute block periods. I usually do three activities a day. This is my new miminalist teacher challenge. But since it is the first day, I want to keep things moving and active so these five activities will inaugurate the school year. 

Botero MonalisaDía 1 ¡Hola- Bienvenidos!

Goal: I can say the names of my classmates and share information about myself. 

Setting a positive tone is one of the most important tasks of a teacher at the beginning of the year. I read a great article on Edutopia that gives some brass-tacks advice on being positive, mindset focus and digging into identity and purpose at the start of the school year. Click here for their article . This article dovetails perfectly with my
Quien Soy Yo Unit.

Activity 1: Bienvenidos

  • Welcome students as they come. 
  • Hand them one of these setting cards by Martinabex.

 Last year the students cracked up when I passed them out. I had plastered them with tape- little coutre, but this year I plan to laminate them and use them whenever they have “Nuevos Amigos” or have to change seats. I plan to kick off the presentations by sharing a little bit about myself such as: 

My favorite book: 

El intenso calor de la luna by Gioconda Belli-My favorite el-intenso-calor-de-la-lunabook

zoeMy cat – Zoe

Favorite pass times- reading and Telenovelas 


Velvet Atreseries


Activity 2: What’s special about your name?

Then, I turn it over to them. Students introduce themselves to the two people on either side of them. This is the first stage of the introductions!

Name tag

-Quiero que mi nombre se refiera a mí- Mark Haddon

I am fortunate to work in school with a very diverse student body. Names have always interested me. I found out that my mom had given me a  name and then my abuela changed it; I am curious about everyone else’s story.  After they have met other students, warmed up with the short communicative activity, we discuss names. I have found this as a great way to for me to get to know them as well. 

Activity spelled out (see sample above)

  • I give students a blank sheet of card stock paper for them to write their name. They fold the paper lengthwise and write their name on the front. 

-Students label their nameplates regarding the origin, meaning of their name, who named them and why their name is perfect for their personality. 

  • They share this information with other classmates and compare and contrast names, meanings or family origin, etc. 

This activity is great for building relationships! 

Confession boothConfesión

Although I have done this activity for two years, I also like the activity that Misclaseslocas mentioned in her first week of school. For this activity students pass around a ball and introduce themselves to another student. More information about the ball activity can be accessed here.  

Activity 3: ¿Quiénes son mis compañeros?Get to know your classmates- Spanish 4

Now that students have met their “immediate family members, they go around and meet other students.  I have multigrade students so not all of them are familiar with each other.

 Last year most students did not know each other. So this year I am making sure I include this vital component. 


-Circula por la clase 

-Conoce a dos colegas

-Preguntas de introducción 

¿Cómo te llamas?

¿En qué años estás (segundo, tercero o cuatro)

¿Cuáles son dos clases que tienes este año escolar?

Activity 4:  La Farándula Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 2.49.26 PM

There was so much that happened over summer from celebrity break-ups, to Mega Stars passing away, I always like to give students chance to chime in on celebrity gossip. My students loved this last year. It really set the class afire and they could not start talking.  Students share out. 

Quien soy yo- about me spanish 4Actividad 5:  Perfil de Estudiante 

I wanted to do an About Me activity that would also capture personal information that “humanize” my students. This activity invites students to: 

  • Describe their learning style 
  • Personality in three words
  • 3 Topics that they are passionate about
  • Their fears
  • What inspires them
  • What they hate 
  • Something they’d want me to know about them. 

quien soy yo _span4_2This last piece is important because in class you cannot get to know everything. about a student.  I learned that one of my students was a finalist for Fencing!  He had gone to Thailand to compete and came in second place. I would not have known this otherwise. We had great a great discussion. When it came time to watch El Internado, he was excited about the Fencing scene!

Get the activity here. 

¿Quién soy y que me gusta?


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