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I am absolutely thrilled about being able to share my passion and practices for teaching Spanish language. I started teaching Spanish as a second language 12 years ago in an IB school in Chicago. I was fortunate to work in many different roles within my school as well as the organization. This global and spiritual experience have enabled me to reconnect with why I became a teacher and the greater role it plays in society; it also turned me into a writer. Since I had a difficult time finding reading materials for my middle school students, I ventured with my pen into the world of storytelling. It worked. I discovered the power of reading as goes the title of Stephen Krashen’s book. Now my time spent between teaching and writing. I am excited about what is next to come! It is my hope that the information, activities, resources and ideas shared on this platform will inspire teachers and motivate students to engage fully with the language process and become life-long learners. Please join me in this journey!

La fiesta inolvidable- A Short Story for Spanish 3+; the 5 golden rules of throwing the best party…gone awry.

  La fiesta inolvidable: Unforgettable Spanish 2 Novel- activities included! This story is dedicated to all the wanna-a-be party animals! Antonio learns a powerful lesson about throwing parties and following instructions… al pie de la letra. Check out the two chapter preview below. This story comes with a glossary and […]