La fiesta inolvidable- A Short Story for Spanish 3+; the 5 golden rules of throwing the best party…gone awry.

  La fiesta inolvidable: Unforgettable Spanish 2 Novel- activities included! This story is dedicated to all the wanna-a-be party animals! Antonio learns a powerful lesson about throwing parties and following instructions… al pie de la letra. Check out the two chapter preview below. This story comes with a glossary and […]

Freebie-Internado aficionados: The Untold Story of Vicky- Target structures, Spanish Idioms and a whole lot of Scaffolding!

La Chica Nueva: Short story for Spanish class Edición Internado  Free Resource  I want my students to read, be intrigued, acquire vocabulary in new ways and conceptually understand the interplay grammatical structures- all while having fun! I love it when their eyes roll across the pages and a smile slowly […]